This sample VR Object links to videos about 2 of the most interesting natural features and 3 landing sites on Mars.  See if you can locate the hotspots for:

  • Olympus Mons, largest volcano on Mars
  • Orcus Patera, mysterious crater-like formation
  • Perseverance lander and rover, 2021
  • Phoenix polar lander site, 2008
  • Viking 1, first American lander, 1976
Drag to rotate Mars 360°, tilt 48° up/down.
Zoom in for HD detail.
hotspots for 5 short videos.

I completed the full Mars at Your Fingertips VR after 16 months using Blender to build the model and animate the special FX.  Hotspots link to videos that describe Mars' principal attractions as well as all landing and crash sites from 1971 through 2023.  May you enjoy using this VR Mars object as much as I did making it!

“Hold the planet Mars in your hands!” - L. B.
To find Main Attractions      To find Landing and Crash Sites
Drawing of fingertips over an image of Mars

Main aerographic attractions

Main Attractions

Atmospheric, Basin, Craters, Planitia, Tectonic, Volcanic . . .

Rotate the VR object of Mars and watch for hotspots.  They mark major surface and atmospheric features on Mars.
Hover over a hotspot to identify it.  Click to stream a short video.
Use the key map (top navigation item "Attractions") for help.

Landing and Crash Sites

Landing and Crash Sites

Beware "The Mars Curse"! (see 2003 Mars Express and Beagle 2.)

On this VR object is every mission that sent landers to Mars.  Hover over a hotspot to identify the mission.
Click to stream a short video about it.
Use the landing site key map (top navigation item "Landings") to help you locate the landers.  On that map, all six crash sights are marked in blue and italic.

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